News Release on BAIC South Africa Automobile Coega Plant

I. Roll out of construction contracts

BIDR has divided the construction of the project into six main contracts in accordance with the requirements of this project.

Contract 1:
Contract 1, includes Paint Shop, Office Block, Bridge and Sewage Treatment Plant. A bidding plan is currently being prepared for this contract. This contract shall be awarded to either a Chinese company or a South Africa company with extensive experiences and qualifications in automotive construction projects based on principles of fairness, just and transparency.

This contract is currently out on tender. The closing date for tenders is 30 August 2017.

Contract 2
This contract includes Combined Assembly/Body Shop Building, Energy Centre and Oil and Chemical Store. The contract has been awarded to China State Construction.

Contract 3/1
This contract, includes Test Track, 1 Ml reinforced concrete reservoir, 2 No 250kl and 1 No 100kl steel tanks for water storage, roads and hardstands, paving for parking areas, bus bay, signage and road signage, water reticulation and main water connection, firewater reticulation, sewer reticulation, sewer tunnel, storm water pipe and channel system, traffic controls, and cable ducts.

This contract has been awarded to Scribante Ibhabhathane.

Contract 3/2
This contract includes Waste Centre, Municipal Substation, Main Guard House, Secondary Guard Houses (2 No), Dispatch Centre, Ancillary Site Works; paths, paving, flagpoles, etc, 11kV cabling and switchgear, transformers, main LV boards and sub-division boards, LV cabling and trenching, electrical wiring, light fittings, etc, lightning protection, street and high mast lighting, sprinkler system, smoke detection and alarm system, HVAC and ancillary electrical works.

This contract has been awarded to WBHO.

Contract 3/3
This contract includes Perimeter fence, boundary walls and security and control gates.
This contract has been awarded to Ibhabhathane Construction.

Contract 3/4
In this contract, storm water ponds, irrigation system, water harvesting tanks and pipe work, landscaping and grassing and product parking concrete storm water channelling are included.

This contract has not as yet been awarded.

 Contract 3/5

This contract is for the access control and security management of the BAIC Site. The contract requires the services of security staff to manage the access at five gates through which contractors, workers and labour shall enter and exit the BAIC Site.

This tender has been advertised on the BIDR website. Tenders closed on 5 September 2017. Tender award is pending.

II. Description on the database of the project

  1. SMME’s are invited to register as SMME contractors and suppliers at: in order to be considered and to be invited to submit bids for work on the project.
  2. This database is a joint initiative from BAICSA and BIDR. All registrations at: shall be captured under the BAICSA and BIDR Database.
  3. BIDR manages the Database.