Register your contact details

The database requires a modern, secure webbrowser (eg. Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari). Internet Explorer is not supported, since Microsoft has discontinued its development. 

Go to and click on "Create an account"


Fill in your contact details and press the blue submit button


You will then be asked to verify that your email exists.


Note that delivery of the email may take up to five minutes. Do not request another "verification email" during this waiting period. If you did request multiple verfication emails, then only the latest email will have a valid link. The old emails will give a "Page not found" (404) error.

Open the BIDR support email (Verify Your Email) in your email inbox


Click the "verfiy" button


Wait for a few seconds while your email token is verfied


You can signin with your email and password after your email has been verified.

Register your business details


Press the blue submit button when your business details are complete.



Your company details will be saved to the database and an email confirming that are registered will be sent to you

inbox complete

 Note that you can signin afterwards at any time to update or change your company details.

Follow the steps below, if you want to signin again and forgot your password.

Password recovery (when you forget your password)

Go to and click on "Forgot your password?"


Enter your email


You will be asked to confirm your password request


Open the BIDR support email (Reset Your Password) in your email inbox


Click the "reset" button


Enter a new password


Go to the signin page and signin with your new password.


Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Help desk

Phone: 082 826 8618
Help office: 131 Prospect Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth

Further Help Office shall also soon be set up in Coega Village